Meet Miracle


Miracle was brought to us from a farm in Tennessee, where she was rejected by her mother and left on her own. Because of this, she never received colostrum (mother’s first milk) and was getting sick.

Faced with the possibility of the six day old lamb being put down, someone loaded her up in their vehicle and drove her five hours to us. After taking her to the vet, we found she had a weak immune system and genetic cataracts. We were told she had a 60 percent chance of survival.

Miracle is now more than two weeks old and is doing great. It seems she can see shadows, but is still mostly blind. That might improve with time, but it may not.

She is being kept in a separate pen than the other babies, because of her low immune system and her lack of vision.

She is already loved by all and we have hopes that she will be with us at Safari Junction for a long time.

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